Carver Guide

Carver will explain--in his own simpleton way--his understanding of how things work.


Were you surprised by what you got yourself into with the WM campaign setting? Do you ever feel lost in the house rules? Or do you just want a place to vent after another permanent injury? Before you rage quit…

Announcing Carver’s Comment Card Collection service. Your friendly neighborhood half-orc has been compelled by dark forces to take your game feedback, bitches, gripes, and complaints via PMs (@Carver/… on discord). He will pick off the signet ring wax, spill ink over identifying marks, and deliver a messy, dripping stack to the Beholder controlling the place. From time to time, if Carver gets enough blunt trauma and mindless repetition in your PMs, and the beholder wills it, you will see your comments change the rules running this realm.

While the pile of hate mail collects, Carver will explain—in his own simpleton way—his understanding of the rules. With a -1 Intelligence modifier and ongoing disadvantage on Insight rolls, it should be a hoot!


Carver Guide

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